Other Civil Litigation

We've all been there.  A botched business deal.  A deadbeat tenant.  An invoice that is 180 days past due.


You wonder:  "Is it worth it to pursue?'  Let me analyze your situation, for free, and let's answer that question together. 


Most of the time, these determinations can be made over the telephone.  Sometimes we need to meet and paw through a pile of documents.  But if you feel that you have been or are being taken advantage of, but are too intimidated by either the other party, the process, or simply calling a lawyer, take a deep breath and call me.  You have nothing to lose.


I have successfully represented victims of wrongful termination from employment, and victims of professional negligence.  I have helped people collect money that rightfully belongs to them as a result of their blood, sweat, and tears.  I have helped people clarify property lines, eastablish easement rights, and collect insurance benefits.


I can help you, too.  Together we will find a way to accomplish your goals so that it remains "worth it to pursue".